E-invoicing (FATOORA) Samadhan

avtor: Samadhan

An add-on built on Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Operation for ZATCA integration for E-invoice

In KSA, e-invoicing will be implemented in two phases.

Phase One

Phase one is also known as the generation phase. Taxpayers will generate and save e-invoices beginning December 4, 2021. You will have access to a ZATCA compliant e-invoicing system throughout this period. Therefore, you do not need to communicate any data or invoices with ZATCA during the generation phase.

Phase Two

The second phase is also known as the integration phase. Phase two will be done in phases for specific taxpayer groups. You must connect e-invoices with the ZATCA system for verification beginning January 1, 2023. ZATCA will provide an integration notification six months in advance.

The technical needs will be the focus of the integration phase. Your system must use APIs to communicate with other systems, generate a UUID (Universally Unique Identifier), a digital signature, a unique number to distinguish invoices, and a cryptographic stamp.

Compelling features of F&O integrated ZATCA E-Invoicing by SAMADHAN:

•Invoicing – The invoicing will include validation to ensure that the correct data is attached to the invoice, and it will be sent directly to the ZATCA portal through F&O.
•E-Invoice – The Invoice posted in F&O requires just a few clicks to generate the invoice document with an IRN number and QR Code attached in PDF/A-3.
•E-Invoice Status – To trace the E-invoice status, visit the "status" page where you can identify registered and pending invoices for ZATCA E-invoice registration/generation.
•Efficiency and Time Savings – Automation of E-invoicing process reduces manual efforts, leading to increased efficiency and significant time savings.
•Reduced Errors and Improved Accuracy - Automation minimizes the risk of errors associated with manual data entry, ensuring accurate and reliable financial information.

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