ThroughPut Dynamics 365 SKU Rationalization for Retail Supply Chains

avtor: ThroughPut, Inc.

Extract business value from transactional supply chain and operations data for greater ThroughPut

With Dynamics 365 SKU Rationalization System, Retailers get real-time insights and actionability on existing data sets to make smarter decisions faster to:

  • Sense Local Demand Changes to act on a daily basis

  • Optimize Product Mix to improve local contribution margins

  • Expedite / Cut Orders to optimize logistics spend

With deep integration with Microsoft Dynamics, the ThroughPut Dynamics 365 Demand-based SKU Rationalization System empowers users with rich insights by analyzing their existing Sales and Purchase Order data to gain in-depth understanding and actionability of trends, key revenue drivers, optimal service mixes, and usage.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Dynamically Segment Demand and Reset Priorities for better business results

  • Intelligent Analytics for Integrated Business Planning efforts to drill down across retail go-to-market initiatives at local and global levels

  • Visualize end-to-end Material Flow and easily identify which parts of the Supply Chain can be optimized to increase sales and revenue growth

  • Proactively track financial indicators by Contribution Margin and Lost Sales Opportunities

  • Break down Product and Location demand trends into multi-dimensional overviews of influencing factors, such as Trends, Seasonality, Day-of-the-week fluctuations, Promotions, Points, Regional Holidays, and more

  • Accurately forecast projections extracted from both historical and current market behaviors to capitalize on a holistic approach to make more informed product-mix decisions

Your Competitive Gains:

  • Make Every Retail Location More Profitable

  • Eliminate Unprofitable Freight Moves

  • Minimize Product Stock-outs, Overstocking and Inventory Bottlenecks


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