Data Modeling Studio

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Simplify data preparation, modeling and extraction for analysis

Model, clean, transform, extract and combine your data to achieve data-driven insights in no time with Data Modeling Studio. Our innovative, robust, zero code and flexible product has helped our customers massively reduce data preparation and extraction effort. Embedded seamlessly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, you can easily start using the product. With Data Modeling Studio, heavy-lifting for data preparation is simplified, so you can achieve analytics and insights faster!

Expected outcomes:

- Accelerate data preparation with our zero code solution

- Empower business users as dependency on technical team is minimized

- Ensure data quality and governance

- Reduce number of data management applications

- Manage high data volume with high performance and a robust product

- Faster speed to analytics by simplifying the time-taking aspects of data preparation

Data Modeling Studio supplements the standard capabilities for data management and analysis with novel features such as:

Zero code data access and extraction : Our Data Modeling Studio for Dynamics 365 offers a flexible definition, formatting, and export of data catering to specific requirements such as specialized data marts, data warehouses, and auditing by external parties.

Inbuilt master data validation : Accurate data is key to accurate results. Our inbuilt data quality rules allow you to configure and validate data before exporting it. This ensures that consistent, clean data is used for analytics every time.

Graphical data modeling : Our solution offers an intuitive graphical approach to modeling data to answer crucial business questions. Business analytics to data scientists to BI specialists alike — all are empowered.

End-to-end data monitoring : Our solution has inbuilt scheduling for easy automation and end-to-end monitoring capabilities of the data flow which ensures visibility over data synchronization.

Migrate data preparation across systems : With our model driven approach, you can seamlessly migrate data models and transformations from one system to another. 

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