Automated Boost - D365 automated testing

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No-code test automation BUILT for Life Science

It’s a challenge for Life Science companies to maintain the validated state of cloud systems. Each update requires extensive regression test, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Meet Automated Boost: no-code test automation built for the regulated demands of Life Science. Stay in control of Dynamics 365, Office 365, SharePoint, Veeva, TraceLink, and more. Get valuable Life Science features: GxP tags, audit trails, version control, and more.

Automated Boost also integrates with Azure DevOps. Trigger test execution directly from DevOps, and report results directly back to DevOps.

Record & play back your own test scripts. No developers needed:

The Automated Boost recorder makes it easy to record your actions into a test script so process and module owners can do it themselves. No programming. No developers.

Up and running in one day:

Start-up is simples. First, we create a secure cloud environment, just for your use. Second, you get a one-day onboarding workshop to show you how to record your own test scripts, including complex processes. You’re ready to start automating.

Create complex test scenarios that reflect the way you really use the system:

Other tools only test simple scenarios and a single system, but that’s not the way you really work. Automated Boost makes it easy to build complex test scenarios across multiple applications, including negative testing, conditional steps, jumps, loops, and much more.

Meet the Team: 

As Life Science companies move to the Cloud, Epista Life Science, a regulatory compliance consultancy, found a major challenge: Traditional test methods can no longer be used to stay in control of frequently updated cloud systems. Among the many automated test tools on the market, none are designed, architected and built for the heavily regulated demands of Life Science.

For a solution, Epista teamed up with XPlus, a Microsoft Inner Circle member and Gold Certified ERP Partner, to create Automated Boost. Now, the industry has exactly what it needs: a no-code, cross-platform, easy-to-use, automated test tool with all the features you need to be ready for an audit or inspection.

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