SOP Management App

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Optimize your workflow with the SOP Management App

The SOP Management App is a powerful tool designed to enhance the SOP assignment process within teams, making it more efficient and effective. This innovative application simplifies the entire SOP lifecycle, from creation to assignment, and even tracking completion. With a centralized dashboard, users can easily monitor the status of each SOP assignment, providing a comprehensive view of all tasks at hand.

Key features

  • SOP creation: Administrators can effortlessly create new SOPs within the app, making them available in the SOP repository for all users.
  • Assigned SOP: Reporting managers can assign SOPs to team members under the “My Team Progress” tab.
  • Copy assigned SOPs: Reporting managers can delegate SOPs from one team member to another.
  • Read SOP: Users can read assigned SOPs under “My Dashboard” and mark them as completed once done.
  • Track SOP: Users can view the status of all assigned SOPs (assigned, in progress, completed) under “My Dashboard”.
  • Overdue SOPs: Any SOP that crosses the due date is marked as “Overdue” under “My Dashboard”.
  • Team progress: Reporting managers can check the progress of all team members on assigned SOPs under “My Team Progress”.


  • Streamlined SOP assignment process.
  • Centralized SOP repository for easy access.
  • Enhanced visibility of SOP status.
  • User-friendly interface for seamless navigation.
  • Efficient reading and completion of SOPs
  • Improved SOP management for better productivity.

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Note: The current live version of the app is a demo version, the user must contact team Advaiya to get a fully functional app. Team Advaiya will help you deploy this application in your environment.

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