WFM Adapter

avtor: TTEC Digital

The WFM adapter sends RTA and historical data to the leading 3P workforce management systems.

The WFM Adapter enables the capture, transformation and delivery of Microsoft Dynamics 365 contact center agent and customer interaction data to your leading third-party workforce management system of choice, including NICE, Alvaria, Verint and Calabrio. The adapter provides data related to real-time adherence (RTA) and historical events to support vital forecasting and intra-day management processes. Options are available to customize what data is collected, how it is aggregated, at what intervals, and how it is delivered.

In addition to the base plan, we are now offering a second enhanced plan that includes Schedule Sync (currently only available for Calabrio Cloud customers only). Agents can now view their schedules and planned shift activities directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 without having to log into their Calabrio Cloud Workforce Management system. Updates to schedules and shift plans automatically appear in a personalized agent calendar view.

A quick-start services package is required with your WFM Adapter subscription purchase.

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