Axtension Project Activity App

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Easily loop in stakeholders with our project planning mobile app

The Axtension® Project Activity App allows people in the field to communicate with project information to get and provide updates to all project related activities.

Truly effective planning of enterprise projects requires cooperation and information from across an organization. Finance, Procurement, Human Resources, Logistics – each business unit has a role to play and data points that should be incorporated. But too often, project planning tools examine little more than expected revenue and costs. Information is decentralized in spreadsheets, systems, and in the minds of individuals, a liability for project planning, and one that comes with huge overhead expenses.

Connected, comprehensive project planning for Microsoft Dynamics 365

The data you need to effectively plan complex projects exists inside Microsoft Dynamics 365. As an embedded solution, Axtension® Project Management accesses and combines your organization’s relevant finance, resources, and logistics data for the most comprehensive and accurate planning possible.

More data points mean more interdependencies, making it even more critical to draw from a single source of truth. Axtension® Project Management works exclusively with your organization’s real-time data, meaning the change impact to budget status, cash flow, profit margin, timelines, materials or resource availability is immediately calculated and easy to compare.

The Axtension® Project Activity App is additional to Axtension® Project Management. Learn more about the Axtension® business solutions on our website and get in touch with our specialists through our contact form.

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