Alert Notification Plugin that enables CRM users to add & manage alerts for entities in their CRM.

Smart Alerts is a meticulously developed Dynamics 365 CRM plugin that enables CRM users to add and manage alerts for different entities in the CRM. Once our Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Alerts plugin is integrated, CRM users can add critical data/information to individual records. Thereafter, every time the connected CRM users access a particular record, they will receive a pop-up alert. Users can cascade alerts of related entities, configure plugin in any CRM supported language, get an email and set event or criteria based alerts.

Note: If you have an Offline (On-Premises) Integration, you would need to visit Appjetty for trial.

Product Features
  • Create and View Bulk Alerts instantly
  • Global notification support to keep you updated in real-time
  • Add multiple alerts to individual CRM record
  • Add start/expiration date for all alerts
  • Reactivate the deactivated alerts when needed
  • Add alerts on any CRM record type
  • Get immediate alert pop-ups on accessing the record
  • Differentiate the type of alert through alert type
  • Find the historical context of deactivated alerts
  • Configure alerts that work with all CRM entities including Custom entities
  • Configure alerts compatible with CRM’s language
  • Set user roles as User and Manager for advance alert management
  • Expand alert scope for related entity records
  • Set Criteria alert to get notified given condition fulfillment
  • Get Criteria email in real-time
  • Seamless integration with Twilio API for SMS alerts
  • Select Users while enabling CRM alerts
  • Alerts tracking to understand the effectiveness of the particular change
  • Receive change based alerts and notifications created based on CRM workflow
  • Now works with your mobile devices
  • Dynamic date and time format similar to CRM date and time format
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