Custom Rollup Fields for Microsoft Dynamics 365


Extend the standard Rollup Field functionality in multiple different ways.

Bluelight CRM’s Custom Rollup Fields are designed to provide you with a flexible approach for creating fields with all the functionality expected with general Rollup Fields in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Enhance Standard Rollup Field Functionalities

Simply add standard fields to the form with the expected field type, then use the Custom Rollup Setting entity to configure the field.

Now you can:

  • Edit Rollup Fields
  • Exceed the standard maximum of 100 Rollup Fields per instance and 10 Rollup Fields per entity
  • Trigger Plugins/Workflows by Rollup Fields
  • Support rollup fields over related entities with a 1:N relationship; N:N is also supported
  • Pull related data based on a filter

Easy to install

By clicking on ‘Get It Now’ and get the first month free.

Custom Rollup Fields is available as a Managed Solution.

Once the solution has been downloaded, the first stage is to import it to your CRM system.

To import a managed solution, click on the settings icon and then Advanced Settings as described in the installation guide – find it on ‘Details+support’ tab.

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