Custom Rollup Fields


Extend the standard Rollup Field functionality in multiple different ways.

Custom Rollup Fields by Bluelight CRM have been designed to provide a solution to the limitations of standard Rollup Fields found in Microsoft Dynamics 365. These limitations include:

· Rollup fields are read-only.

· Maximum of 100 Rollup fields per instance and 10 Rollup Fields per entity.

· Plugins/Workflows cannot be triggered by Rollup Fields.

· Rollup fields are only supported over related entities with a 1:N relationship, N:N is not supported.

· Rollup fields can't pull related data based on a filter

Bluelight CRM’s Custom Rollup Fields are designed to provide users with a flexible approach for creating fields with all the functionality expected with general Rollup Fields without the limitations. Simply add standard fields to the form with the expected field type and then use the Custom Rollup Setting entity to configure the field.

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