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Boost Product Listing in any e-Commerce or Market Place

Microsoft PowerApps, a low-code platform, enables tailored marketplace listings without coding. Azure OpenAI's generative AI enhances product descriptions, bullet points, and features.

Key Features:

· Customization: Tailor listings to your business.

· Generative AI: Create persuasive content effortlessly.

· Time Savings: Automate content generation.

· Sales Boost: Craft compelling descriptions.

· Search Visibility: Improve product discoverability.

· Customer Engagement: Foster connections.

· Competitive Edge: Stand out from the competition.

· User-Friendly: Accessible interface.

· Templates & Connectors: Streamline listing creation.

· Trust & Confidence: Increase buyer trust.

· Online Presence: Establish a strong presence.

· Expert Guidance: Get effective support.


· Efficiency : Save time and effort.

· Revenue Growth : Increase sales potential.

· Visibility : Enhance search results.

· Customer Loyalty : Engage and retain buyers.

· Competitive Advantage : Outperform with the competitors.

· Ease of Use : No extensive coding required.

· Professional Listings : Access templates.

· Enhanced Trust : Boost credibility.

· Online Success : Dominate the marketplace.

· Expert Assistance : Ensure success.

Supported Editions:

This app supports in Power Apps Premium and Power Apps Per App

Supported Languages:


Supported Countries:


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