Dahelia Community Compassion Center

avtor: Dahelia Business Solutions, Inc.

Engage with your community to run food program and support the needy.

There's so much you can do to give back to your community. If you are an organization that wants to meaningfully reach out, connect and service your neighbors in need then we can help. Write to us or drop us a line for demo of our flagship product.

1. Volunteers support critical operations to run key events. Engage with your community using iPad/Andriod tablets and desktop/laptop.

2. Running a Food Program? No problem! You can take grocery orders as per the allocated monthly points quota per family.

3. Administrative overheads are simplified to run Food Program for qualified families. You can manage product inventories for effective operations and run promotions.

4. Patrons can call volunteers to place grocery orders on their behalf. Web Ordering is in works and will be available soon for online ordering.

5. Track your operations through this single pane of glass dashboard. Remove bottlenecks quickly for smooth operations.

6. Plan and prepare for your Food Program to ensure that your inventory is in order and stocked sufficiently to manage the next event.

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