Make it simple to plan, execute, and optimize every customer interaction directly inside Dynamics365

Conquer is the first end-to-end Revenue Engagement Solution for enterprise sales and service teams. 

As a native application for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Conquer works inside your existing Dynamics platform to make sales and service teams more effective at gaining access, growing pipeline, winning revenue, and strengthening customer relationships.

Unlike sales engagement and contact center point solutions that only integrate with Microsoft Dynamics—creating silos of data, pulling users off platform, duplicating processes, creating complex read-write rules, and fracturing reporting—Conquer enables your team to deliver, capture, and manage every customer interaction all from a single platform, directly inside Microsoft Dynamics 365. Conquer gives revenue operations the simplicity, agility, and scale they need while reducing platform sprawl, saving administrative time, and streamlining the user experience within a single platform.

Makes it simple to plan, execute, and optimize omnichannel communication directly where your team works,  inside Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Enable your sales team to Work from Anywhere while maintaining complete control and visibility into every conversation.

  • Gain deeper insights by capturing in-call interaction data like how long you talked, about what products and the outcome of every call.

  • Drive agent productivity by automating customer engagement workflows and post-call tasks with a single click.

  • Empower your reps to make more calls and have better conversations by presenting all relevant data across inbound and outbound calls within Microsoft Dynamics

  • Maintain security and compliance with our native application. With Conquer, your customer data never leaves the Dynamics platform.

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