Double Time Video Intelligence

avtor: Double Time, Inc.

Transform visual content into operational intelligence.

Double Time enriches videos, Teams collaboration recordings, and photos with business and operational contexts and applies the latest Computer Vision and AI technologies to transform the assets into a visual knowledge base accessible on-demand from Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams.

Field Service

Videos are ideally suited to capture techniques and best practices in the trades. Technicians can record and share how-tos via mobile phones or wearables. Double Time automatically tags the recordings using the current operational context (work order, asset, product, account, etc.) and deep-indexes the videos to make the service knowledge accessible to the entire field service organization. Field technicians can query and watch how-to videos on-demand to benefit from senior technicians' tips and tricks.

Dynamics administrators can configure “Related Videos” to list recordings related to the current work order, asset, or product dynamically and automatically.

Customer Success

Dynamics and Teams integration allows customer service representatives to view and collaborate on a support case within a Teams channel. From there, they can start a product troubleshooting session with the customer involved and record the session for future references.

Double Time automatically tags the Teams meeting recording with the support case, customer, and product in question, transcribes and analyzes the recording to recognize objects, on-screen text, barcodes, and other insights. Such cross-referenced, deeply indexed meeting recordings become part of the visual knowledge base that all support staff can consult for future customer issues.

“Related Videos” can be configured to broaden the perspective of the support staff.


Dynamics and Teams integration allows sales representatives to view and collaborate on an opportunity within a Teams channel. Product demos and solution workshops conducted over Teams can be recorded and analyzed to extract and collect sales intelligence.

Double Time enables this by automatically cross-referencing Teams meeting recordings with the opportunity, account, and product involved, and deep-indexing the audio and video contents. Insights from such sales engagement recordings can be accessed from Dynamics as “Related Videos” or queried from Teams, boosting business intelligence for the entire sales organization.

The screenshots provided below illustrate the default user interface embeddable in Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365. PowerApps PCF components and video APIs are available to support custom user interfaces and user experience.

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