Imperium Hourly


Timesheet reporting made simple. A user-friendly app for employees and managers to track hours.

What is Imperium Hourly?

Designed with users in mind, Imperium Hourly is a new and improved, end-to-end timesheet management app. Hourly offers the ideal interface for employees reporting hours, especially for those working on more than one customer or project. Give your employees time back in their day by providing a quick and headache-free solution for submitting their hours. Enable managers to easily adjust billable and non-billable hours, approve timesheets, or provide feedback to employees on their submissions. Built-in analytics provide all the insights you need on your planned vs. actual revenue, resource consumption, and more. With Imperium Hourly and Imperium365 Starter CRM together, you have everything you need to manage your business from lead-nurturing through customer billing!

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Key Features

  • Employee, Project, and Time Entry management
      • Plan project phases, activities, and resources
      • Track and submit daily timesheets for multiple projects
      • A mobile and tablet-friendly Canvas App for employees and project managers
      • Employee timesheet approval and rejections with email notifications

      Why choose Imperium Hourly?

      • Intuitive UI for optimal time reporting experience.
      • Built by Microsoft's Power Platform Recognized Solution Architects making sure you have the right solution to extend functionality, either by you or by engaging us.
      • Real-time analytics on project time consumption, billable hours, and time entry approvals.
      • Give your employees the freedom to report hours from a desktop or mobile device, browser or in Microsoft Teams - with ease.
      • Works with Imperium365 Starter CRM!

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