Approval Management

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Elevating your approval processes with streamlined workflows and enhanced decision-making.

Are you tired of endless approval delays and tangled workflows in your CRM? Are the gaps in your CRM causing approval bottlenecks and process hassles? Introducing Intech's game-changing solution designed to transform your D365 experience. Say goodbye to approval complexities and embrace the simplicity of seamless business processes!

1. Tailored Workflows, Simplified Setup: Effortlessly define custom approval workflows using our user-friendly interface, configuring once for ongoing efficiency.

2. Innovative Approval Workflow Design: Admins take the lead with diverse approval configurations – Hierarchy, Price, Percentage, or Custom Rule (via XML). Watch essential fields and buttons align for hassle-free processes.

3. Multi-Level Matrix Mastery: Empower administrators to establish multi-level approval matrices for various business processes, ensuring comprehensive oversight.

4. Filter-Powered Request Generation: Configure approval requests for records using Fetch XML, triggering seamless approval request generation.

5. Bulk Approvals Made Easy: Simplify decision-making by swiftly approving or rejecting multiple requests with a single click.

6. Initiate Approvals with Precision: Trigger approval requests accurately by clicking "Send for Approval," following pre-set criteria.

7. User-Centric Convenience: Approve and reject requests directly within Teams and Outlook, plus enjoy mobile and D365 dashboard flexibility.

8. Escalations and Delegation Delivered: Modify delegations swiftly within approval requests or matrices in cases of approver unavailability.

9. Transparent History at Your Fingertips: Stay informed with maintained approval history in D365, tracking progress, approvers, and comments.

So, are you ready to experience seamless approvals? Explore our brochure to dive deep into Intech's Approval Management App and elevate your business processes. Get in touch with us to book your free demo today!

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