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Create seamless Multi Lookup fields for Dynamics 365 N:N Relationships

Infinity Lookup for Dynamics 365 allows you to create multi lookups that fit right in with other Dynamics 365 fields, providing seamless functionality to standard lookups.

The control, which binds to a text field, allows you to link with any many-to-many (N:N) relationship to ensure data is kept accurate and can be reported against. The text field also stores a list of selected records, which is perfect for displaying in views.
Because this control is bound to a text field, you can easily make the control required on your form, allowing you to ensure a value is entered both on create and on update of a record.
This works great for creating tagging functionality, or for making a N:N relationship required on create which is not possible with standard subgrids.

Creating N:N Records is as Simple as Ever

Maintaining your lookup lists has never been so simple. With this new product, you can add N:N (Many to Many) relationships yourself without the need for coding in the system.

Get the Best of Both Worlds With the Same Look and Feel

With our embedded solution, you can now create Many to Many relationships in the same way that you would create a standard lookup within Dynamics 365 with the same look and feel.

Save Time by Using the Autocomplete Predictions

Select from the search results shown based on the first few letters you have written, saving you time and reducing human error in creating relationships.

Install to Your Environment With Confidence

Infinity Lookup for Dynamics 365 adheres to your existing security roles set in your system to ensure that only those with the right access can view and change information on specific records.

Key Benefits:
  • Works with any N:N relationship
  • Provides a seamless experience to normal lookups, including:
    • Color scheme matching the Dynamics 365 theme
    • Open record by clicking the tag label
    • Search results with entity icons
    • Create new records from the search results
    • Follows Dynamics 365 security (disabled for users without append/append to)
    • Changes are only saved once the form is saved
  • Works on create or update forms
  • Allows for making 'required' relationships
  • Instant search when clicking into the field, without having to press enter or click search
  • Customize the search results, including the fields displayed and/or searched against, and the filters applied
  • Display selected values in a text field, useful for views
  • Built using Microsoft Dynamics 365’s Power Apps Control Framework (PCF)

For more information and pricing, check out our Infinity Lookup for Dynamics 365 product page, or simply click "Free trial" above to get started with your free 30-day trial.

Check out our full installation and usage guide to help you get started.

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