ModulAcht Zeitmarie

avtor: ModulAcht GmbH & Co. KG

Time tracking solution to record times on projects and activities, manage vacation and sick days.

Zeitmarie simplifies the topics of time recording and absences in companies. Professionals, executives and administrators are provided with the right functions for them. Information that is important to them is made available in a clear manner.

Function overview for users:
  • Time recording on projects and activities, manually or by stopwatch
  • Overview of own worked time
  • Requesting vacation and overview of own vacation days
  • Submission of sick leave

Function overview for managers:
  • Working time and overtime overview
  • Overview of absences (vacation and illness)
  • Vacation approval
  • Confirmation of sick leave

Function overview for administrators:
  • Management of multiple holiday calendars
  • Management of individual and global working time models

As a Power App, Zeitmarie can be used standalone, together with other apps or as a supplement to Dynamics 365 CE.

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