Dynamics 365 - System Job Insights

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Insights around System Jobs for your Dynamics 365 Instance

System Job Insights for Dynamics 365 provides important usage metrics of all asynchronous jobs for your Dynamics 365 organization, and tools to help you stay ahead of performance and maintenance issues.

Success Tile:

This will help you to identify the number of records present in the system for successful asynchronous process which you can delete to free up the unwanted space and this will also help in performance improvement in longer run.

Waiting Tile:

This will help you to identify the number of records present in the system for waiting asynchronous process which needs to be address to avoid performance issues.

Failed and Cancelled Tile:

This is very important tile because this will help you to identify that number of records which are effected due to failure and this will help support team to fix issues .

List View :

Will give the list of Asynchronous Job which are causing the data growth.

Minimum supported platform version: 8.0 +