RSM D2C Advanced Contact Center

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RSM’s D2C Advanced Contact Center provides better insights into customer sales order history.

RSM’s Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Advanced Contact Center provides customer service representatives more visibility into the customer history they access on a daily basis. Through dual write, this app creates a direct connection to an existing Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management environment to create an interactive contact center within Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. This Contact Center serves as a one stop shop for users as it is embedded directly into the Customer Engagement interface. 
The D2C Advanced Contact Center provides customer service representatives quick insight into:
Sales Order Headers
  • Detailed records including: order number, order status, hold status, and more.
Sales Order Details
  • Associated sales order lines, payments details, and notes attached to the order.
  • Information on sales order lines such as item name, quantity ordered, and price can be seen by selecting an order in the sales order headers grid. Payment information including payment status, amount, and payment type can then be seen for the associated order within its own grid. 
Sales Order and Customer Notes
  • Notes relating to a selected sales order can be accessed, giving  customer representatives deeper insight into any special cases relating to an order. The same can be seen for customer notes on the summary page of a case once created and saved, giving customer service representatives better insight into who they are speaking with in order to address the customer’s needs and resolve the case in a more timely manner. 
Associated Sales Orders
  • Sales orders can be attached to a case within the dashboard.  When a customer service representative is returning to an older case, the sales order or orders  associated with the case can be seen in a grid on the summary tab, eliminating the need for any personal notes to be made (handwritten or on local computer), reducing the risk of losing valuable information.  

If more information or actions are required, a user can quickly move from the Customer Service Workspace in Customer Engagement directly into the sales order by using deep links. These deep links are hyperlinks in the sales order number that send a user directly to where the sales order lives in the Finance and Supply Chain Management environment, and acts as a bridge to reduce the time a customer service representative spends navigating and searching for the correct sales order.
The D2C Advanced Contact Center creates a streamlined process when dealing with cases by keeping the customer service representative within one system and providing the ability to view customer sales orders to research and address inquiries. 

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