UST Workflow Scheduler for Dynamics 365

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Enhance control through automated CRM workflows with UST Workflow Scheduler for Dynamics 365.

The UST Workflow Scheduler for Dynamics 365 revolutionizes Dynamics 365 CRM with easy automation and scheduling of workflows. It enhances productivity by addressing common challenges like manual task management and operational inefficiencies. It empowers users with precise scheduling, user-friendly interfaces, and seamless CRM integration, ensuring operational continuity and scalability. Tailored for system admins, support staff, and business users, it ensures reliability and scalability, fostering organizational growth and digital transformation. This solution is a strategic asset for achieving operational excellence and strategic objectives.

Key features:

  • Effortless Automation: Enables task and process automation within CRM without requiring extensive coding skills, making it accessible to all users.
  • Scheduling Precision: Allows for the exact scheduling of tasks, ensuring they are executed at the right times without manual triggers.
  • Flexible Scheduling Options: Provides the ability to schedule tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly, or custom basis, catering to various operational needs.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Boasts an intuitive interface that simplifies the scheduling and management of automated tasks for both technical and non-technical users.
  • Seamless CRM Integration: Integrates flawlessly with Dynamics CRM, enhancing its native functionalities while bridging the gap in automated scheduling.
  • Scalable Solution: Accommodates growing automation needs, supporting businesses as they expand and evolve.

Customer Benefits:

  • Operational Efficiency: Automates routine tasks, saving time and resources, and allowing focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Increased Reliability and Error Prevention: Enhances task execution consistency, reducing errors and maintaining process integrity.
  • Empowered Users and Flexibility: Grants greater control over workflows with the flexibility to run tasks during off-hours without manual intervention.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Improves analytics and reporting for better decision-making.
  • Strategic Growth Support: Supports organizational growth and digital transformation by making operations more agile.
  • Operational Continuity: Ensures continuous workflow, especially during off-hours.
  • Resource Optimization: Allocates resources more effectively towards high-value activities.
  • Workflow Management: Offers a comprehensive solution for managing tasks, including manual execution on demand.
  • Productivity Boost: Systematic task execution enhances overall productivity.
  • Adherence to Schedules: Ensures tasks are completed on time, aligning with organizational goals and preventing schedule slippages.

Microsoft technologies used: Dynamics CRM, C#

Industries: Education, Financial Services, Retail & Consumer Goods, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality & Travel, Telecommunication & Media

Applicable Products: Customer Service, Project Operations, Field Service, Marketing, Power Apps, Project Service Automation, Sales

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