VisiField360 for Dynamics 365 Field Service

avtor: Visionet Systems, Inc

Elevate your field service operations with VisiField360

Creating a Connected Workforce.

VisiField360 seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 Field Service, enriching its out-of-the-box functionalities with advanced features and capabilities. With VisiField360, you can optimize field service scheduling and dispatching using advanced automation, track work orders in real-time, manage inventory and assets centrally, empower field technicians with a user-friendly mobile app, and engage customers with personalized service experiences.

Leveraging the power of IoT, VisiField360 allows for remote asset monitoring, predictive maintenance, and minimized downtime, delivering unparalleled business value.

VisiField360 key features:

  • Dynamic scheduling and dispatch: Optimize field service scheduling and dispatch using VisiField360's advanced automation, ensuring the right resources are allocated to each job.

  • Offer self-service scheduling - Real-time work order tracking: Leverage Dynamics 365's work order tracking feature and gain additional insights with VisiField360, providing real-time visibility and proactive decision-making.

  • Comprehensive inventory and asset management: Supplement Dynamics 365's inventory and asset management capabilities with VisiField360's centralized tracking and real-time updates.

  • Mobile application for technicians: Enhance Dynamics 365's mobile experience with VisiField360's user-friendly mobile app, equipping technicians with essential tools and resources.

  • Customer communication portal: Build upon Dynamics 365's customer engagement features with a dedicated communication portal, enabling seamless customer interactions and improved satisfaction.

How You will benefit from VisiField360:

  • Improved resource management: Utilize intelligent scheduling and resource allocation to boost productivity, reduce operational costs, and enhance customer experiences.

  • Remote asset monitoring: Leverage the power of IoT to monitor your assets remotely, allowing for predictive maintenance and minimized downtime.

  • Streamlined work order management: Manage work orders efficiently using Dynamics 365's robust capabilities, simplifying service delivery and ensuring seamless operations.

  • Enhanced technician productivity: Empower your field technicians with a mobile app that provides essential information and tools, enabling them to complete tasks efficiently and autonomously.

  • Better customer engagement: Engage customers with personalized service experiences, timely communication, and the ability to track the status of their service requests.

Transform your field service operations with VisiField360 for Dynamics 365 Field Service, giving you advanced features and capabilities to enhance your Dynamics 365 Field Service experience and deliver unparalleled business value.

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