Wipro's Roster & Shift Management Solution

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Roster & Shift Management solution helps organizations that work in shifts and different time zones.

If you run a team of shift workers, you probably already know how tough scheduling can be. You may often find yourself creating schedules, editing schedules, and scrambling for last-minute replacements for empty shifts. Last-minute shift changes are, unfortunately, inevitable in most cases. No matter how well you plan, unexpected things can come up for both the business and the employees. This can translate into shifts getting canceled at the last minute or being left open at a moment’s notice.  Annoying your staff is never good for business. Grumpy staff can lead to high turnover rates, poor work quality, and an increased number of future shift problems. IN addition to the costs associated with employee turnover, employee schedules impact many other aspects of operations, including labor costs, productivity, compliance with industry regulations, internal policies, and employment and labor laws. Manual staff scheduling is often inefficient and cumbersome for complex operations. Wipro’s Roster & Shift Management solution helps organizations that work in shifts and different time zones to manage their workforce. For such organizations, a shift management system helps assign employees to multiple shifts, automates shift rotations, and sends out timely communication to employees and managers regarding their shifts. Communicate more efficiently from a single platform. Schedule faster and smarter while controlling costs.

 What Solution offers?

  •  The shift board which visually displays the shift schedule, making it a lot more flexible and easier to support. With simple drag and drop, you can change shifts and approve leave requests. Your manager can see the log in as well as log out time from the schedule board.  
  • Shift scheduling is a multi-faceted issue that organizations face in their day-to-day operations. It’s feature of auto-shift assignment enables easy employee shift scheduling and helps businesses to eliminate shift scheduling headaches, manage shifts, and significantly decrease their workload.
  • Employee self-service (ESS) portals are web-based tools through which employees can access shift information and holiday information. Employees can conduct certain transactions like applying for leave, record login and log out time.
  • Communicate more efficiently from a single platform. Last minute shift changes can be inevitable in many cases. Our solutions give you the ability to assign appropriate resources by simply dragging shifts against reserve employees. The targeted employee receives a notification for a newly assigned shift via mail.

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