Zicar Adoption Program [Power Platform Adoption Solution]

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The world’s first holistic and trackable Power Platform adoption solution

We live in an exciting time where low-code platforms are expected to grow significantly over the coming years. And it’s predicted that by 2025, 70% of enterprise application development will use low-code technologies (Gartner).
There’s never been a better time to establish your own Power Platform Center of Excellence and the Zicar Adoption Program (ZAP) can get you there, the right way.
Designing with careful thought and research, Azim Zicar built this program from the ground up, inspired by years of helping businesses transform with low-code technologies. Curated around your organization's goals and business structure, we have 10 work streams with unique actions. Simply view and complete the actions and track them via the supplied tools to establish a Power Platform Center of Excellence, the right way.

Here is what you get:

  • ZAP Framework - tailored framework designed with Power Platform and your adoption journey in mind
  • ZAP Tracker - companion app that helps you navigate and track your adoption journey
  • ZAP Dashboard - easy to access progress report that helps you communicate the adoption progress to the wider business
  • ZAP Consultations - 200 hours of one-to-one consultation calls with Azim Zicar
  • ZAP Course (coming soon) - comprehensive video course explaining every aspect of the Zicar Adoption Program and detailed insights and perspectives based on our prior experience

Here is why you need it:

  • This simple yet thoughtful solution is built to offer you a comprehensive approach to adopting the Power Platform at scale
  • It's an excellent alternative to an unsystematic implementation that often results in a deluge of half-baked environments and poorly conceived enterprise governance
  • ZAP program makes enterprise-wide adoption of the platform guided and a lot easier to comprehend
  • Helps you navigate and track your adoption journey with ease
  • ZAP Dashboard makes communicating the adoption progress status to the wider organisation a cakewalk
  • And the best part, it is built by someone who has been in your shoes. Azim is a certified Power Platform Architect with extensive experience in rolling out low-code platforms on enterprise level
We are providing a 50% discount on the beta version as we continue to improve our product. Take advantage of this offer before the product's official launch in early 2023, after which the price will increase to 50,000 USD year. Did we mention that the Zicar Adoption Program's inventor and designer, Azim Zicar, will give you a 200-hour complimentary live consultation call as part of the Beta version?

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