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Modern Charts

Mzamose Holdings

4.2 (5)

Innovative charts and Infographics!

Infographic charts are compelling, attractive and very easy on the eye. Modern Charts has an ever-growing library of infographic charts, such as People, Mountains, Sunflowers, Buildings and Car Race. Infographic charts will assist you to represent your data more effectively and save you time doing it.

Modern Charts also allows you to show ONE set of data in FOUR different perspectives, i.e.

  • The actual detailed data (with average lines, % change between to points, etc).
  • Overall Sum/Average;
  • Summarised by Data Series;
  • Summarised along axis; and

Key Features:

  • Ever-growing INFOGRAPHICS library;
  • Presents ONE set of data in FOUR different perspectives;

  • Different charts backgrounds;
  • Add Average lines on your charts;
  • % Growth between 2 data points;
  • Easily customizable layouts;
  • Add source of data for correct interpretation; and
  • Transpose data on chart.


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