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Automate and optimize automating complex routine workflows on a drag and drop platform.

Orchestly is a business workflow management platform that helps automate, run, and optimize everyday business workflows on a code-free, drag and drop platform. Ensure accountability and compliance by customizing workflows to suit your needs. Track work real time, and know what needs to be done, and when. Collaborate with teams and tools on one platform. Get insights on process anomalies and bottlenecks with reports and charts. Embrace transparency, end the communication chaos, and make better business decisions with Orchestly.

What is Orchestly?

Automates, orchestrates and optimizes routine business workflows

Executes workflows with tracking, compliance and audits

Helps optimize workflows using operational insights

Works for any business, regardless of size or industry

Who can use Orchestly?

A good amount of work in all organizations is done by repeatedly following a sequence of steps: procurement process, shelf-life management, digital media planning, and new product development are some examples. Different hands are involved in different stages. And with the different tools we use today, the information gets scattered and put into silos. Managing it becomes impossible as no one has the whole picture. Orchestly brings it all in one place and helps you run a delay-free organization.

Built for medium and enterprise organizations, the platform can orchestrate workflows across HR, Marketing, IT, Operations, Finance, and Legal.

Why should you use Orchestly?

Accountability: Assign the right work to the right teams and audit all actions taken during any process for risk mitigation.

Compliance: Digitized workflows and SLA management features help comply with external regulatory requirements and internal corporate policies.

Transparency: Employees know exactly what to do at any point of time, and can get things done at the tap of a few buttons.

Efficiency: Drive productivity, reduce cycle and lead time, and improve operational KPIs with built-in process-specific reports and charts. You can also combine data to create reports of your own.

Change management: Respond quickly to market opportunities and challenges in a drag and drop platform.

Automation: Automate actions that don't require human inputs, and access unified data by connecting to your back-end systems.

Enterprise implementation services: A team of enterprise solution experts are available to help set up Orchestly the way your business needs.

All workflows can be built without much technical knowledge, and any changes can be done in a matter of few minutes on the drag and drop interface. You can assign each stage to the right team and hold them accountable, get contextual data from users during the process, automate the stages that don't require human input, escalate delays, collaborate with other teams on the platform, and access third-party apps as widgets. You can stitch together multiple apps and make Orchestly a single platform for all business operations. Also, Orchestly has a reporting system that lets you identify bottlenecks, and redundancies in your exiting workflows. This will help you allocate resources efficiently, modify the workflows if required, or train the teams better. Doing all, or any, of this will help cut costs, minimize human touch points, and optimize your workflows.

In order to use this app, You need an active Orchestly account.

You need to sign up to Orchestly using ‘.com’ domain.

Exclusive COVID-19 assistance for Microsoft customers: Sign up before July 31 and get Zoho Wallet credits worth US $500 valid for 60 days. The wallet credits can be used for the purchase of Orchestly, any other Zoho apps or for edition upgrades.


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