NVivo – Integration for Word and Excel

QSR International Pty Ltd

Send files from Office 365 apps to NVivo in a few clicks.

Capture data in Word or Excel on any Microsoft device, log in to NVivo - Office Integration with your myNVivo account, then seamlessly send the data to NVivo for analysis.

If you’re using NVivo on Windows, you can also take advantage of instant imports from Outlook to analyze data within emails. Please see NVivo - Office Integration for Outlook.

Summarize, add your own notes and tag themes within the Office file to organize and prepare for easy searching within NVivo.

Importing data from Office 365 sources to NVivo has never been simpler.

Key Features:

  1. Easily send files to NVivo. Whether you’re working on a desktop, tablet or mobile device, capture project data in Word or Excel and simply click ‘Send to NVivo’.
  2. Streamline data organization. Prepare your file for easy reference in NVivo by adding descriptions:

    • Add a Summary to differentiate files so it’s easy to see the file you need.
    • Use the Notes section to capture important points or early thoughts about your data.
    • Use Tags to note key themes. When importing