FlowForma Ltd

Connect your Teams activity to business processes using the FlowForma Teams app.

The FlowForma Teams App provides an access portal to FlowForma from within the Teams environment, giving you the ability to add structure to your activity in Teams by aligning it to the achievement of business goals using FlowForma processes.

The FlowForma Teams App provides a launchpad for FlowForma processes within Teams, allowing you to launch new processes which can be associated with your Teams work output.

View your workload using the FlowForma Teams App dashboard. The dashboard ensures that each user has visibility of their workload and that of their Team, ensuring that tasks are not missed, and that business goals are achieved efficiently and on time. Processes can be filtered and sorted so that you can quickly navigate to the work that you need to do.

Using the FlowForma Teams App to navigate into processes provides end users with a easy access path from Teams into FlowForma processes, where they benefit from the extensive functionality of FlowForma business process automation including decision support, data collection, document management and production, communications and workflow control.

FlowForma for Teams will grow in functionality and more collaborative features will be added in the future such as posting a message directly in a channel using simple no-code rules, creating a channel from a business process and adding team members, rendering forms inside the Teams application, making FlowForma collaboration features including decision support directly accessible without leaving the Teams environment.

Please note the FlowForma Teams App requires an active FlowForma installation, please visit for more information.

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