Turn emails into unmissable tasks in GetBusy with a single click.

GetBusy helps you track and complete more of your work – and a lot of work gets sent via email.

If you find it difficult to prioritise and manage your workload, lose key information and actions in multiple emails and never-ending threads, and find that flagging an email isn't quite enough - simply add your emails into GetBusy to make sure things get done and aren't missed.

Even send and assign GetBusy tasks to others from your email, and share greater visibility and clarity over who needs to do what and when.

GetBusy for Outlook transfers all of the important information contained within an email (the people involved, subject, body, attachments) into a draft task that you can edit and trim before sending on within GetBusy.


- Requires a subscription to, free plans are available, full functionality is unlocked on paid plans

- GetBusy for Outlook setup directions and system requirements are available at

- Compatibility

If you are using a Gmail account through Outlook, please note that this is not currently supported.

If you are using Internet Explorer 11 for browser access to Outlook (via, please note that this is not supported.

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