MYOB for Excel


Connect Excel directly to the data in your MYOB software

MYOB software already includes great reports that help you better run your business, but let’s face it – nothing lets you slice and dice data exactly how you want to like Excel. 

The MYOB add-in for Excel lets you access the data from your MYOB software directly, allowing you to create custom reports, forecasts, models and more for your business - exactly how you like them. 

  • Directly connected – no more manual data extracts, with the option to automatically refresh the data in your sheet each time it’s opened so that you’re always up to date. 
  • Highly configurable – easily select the data you want to connect to and work with. 
  • Plays well with others – MYOB for Excel is a great solution when you’re looking to consolidate or compare data across multiple businesses, or across other tools and systems you use in your business 

Note: an online MYOB business with a current subscription is required to use this add-in. To purchase an MYOB subscription or try free for 30 days, head here for Australia or here for New Zealand.

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