Project online massive update


This APP allows the user to update project information in Project Online through a bulk process

Everytime you create a custom field in Microsoft Project online (KPI, formulas…) you need to publish the project in order to recalculate the values of the custom field. You can publish from Microsoft Project Professional or from the web. It is ok if you have 5 projects, but if you have 100 projects? Are you going to publish one by one? So we decide to share our trick with you. This app allows the user to execute a bulk publish in Project Online, choosing all projects, or choosing some of them. It only works with checked-in projects. If somebody is working with the project, the app will skip the project, and no publishing will take place. When the app finishes, a log file is generated so you can track which projects have been published and how long it took. This app should be deployed in a SharePoint modern page and not everybody should have access.

In order to see the projects, you need to purchase Project online P1 and to have a Project online site. You cannot use this app in devops neither the new version of Project for the Web.

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