avtor: Stylebot

Stylebot improves your writing by putting a modern language and style manual at your fingertips

Empower everyone on your team to make better writing choices by integrating a language manual and style guide into Microsoft Teams. With Stylebot, you can:

Get your writing questions answered instantly

Affect or effect? Can I use "DEI" on first reference? Should we say "physical distancing" or "social distancing"? Don't spend time digging through documents or search results for answers to these questions. Just ask Stylebot on Teams and get quick, straightforward responses that will be consistent across your organization.

Stay up to date with editing best practices

Language is constantly evolving, and so is Stylebot. Our style guide is written at the University of Southern California, where our editors research emerging terms and stay updated on language trends so we can give you the best guidance.

Easily distribute writing guidance to everyone on your team

Save time, improve consistency and reduce errors by using Stylebot in channels. Stylebot answers questions so your editors don't have to, and it allows you to distribute new guidance and issue style reminders so everyone on your team knows the latest rules.

Get everyone on your team actually using your style guide

Any organization can customize Stylebot so it incorporates your standards and writing rules. Stylebot puts all your editing resources in one place.

Get started by requesting a demo on our website:

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