Atominvest for Excel

avtor: Atominvest Software

Pull and analyze your Atominvest portfolio, cashflow and ESG data from within Excel in real time

Atominvest for Excel provides clients of Atominvest with a simple and intuitive Excel plugin through which they can access information stored on Atominvest from within Excel.


Clients can access all their portfolio management data stored on Atominvest from within Excel by using our Excel plugin. This includes information on investments, funds, assets, securities along with portfolio cashflows, financial metrics, operating KPIs and ESG data.

Our dynamic formula builder and database search functionality allows users to easily search the data they have available on Atominvest and build custom queries to extract data in bulk from Atominvest into Excel.

Refresh functionality allows users to update their Excel worksheets and models at a click of a button.


Atominvest provides modern software for the asset management and private markets industry. We provide front-to-back office solutions across deal, portfolio & ESG management and investor relations, reporting and onboarding. For more information or to request a demo, please visit

Note: Atominvest for Excel is a tool intended for use by clients of Atominvest, and requires a valid Atominvest licence.

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