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Trinka is an AI grammar checker and language correction tool for academic and technical writing.

Academic writing needs to be clear, concise, formal, inclusive, and readable.

Trinka, an AI-driven writing assistant, enables you to enhance the quality of your writing so that your writing is satisfactory for publishing.

Trinka corrects complicated grammar mistakes and improves your writing for technical vocabulary, tone, and conciseness—all this, while keeping in mind the technical structure of your content.

Drawing on the understanding of richly skilled editors and linguists, it unearths mistakes particular to academic and technical writing.

• Works as you write: The Trinka Word plugin corrects and complements your working style on your favorite MS Word plugin in real-time. Write securely and efficiently on the go!

• Completely secure: Your data is encrypted with the latest security standards and processed in a highly secure environment. All data transmission between MS Word and Trinka servers is secure. Your data is not shared with any third party.

• Add to dictionary: Add your own words or phrases to "My Dictionary" and Trinka will not flag them as spelling mistakes from then on.

• Word count reduction: Trinka makes wordy terms concise to make your writing impactful and observe journal guidelines.

• Avoid non-inclusive and vague language: Trinka corrects biased and insensitive language to make your message respectful to your readers. It also makes your writing style clear and direct whilst giving it a tone that is suitable to your intended readers.

Note: Additional purchase required. Trinka MS Word Add-in is currently available only for Premium plan subscribers. Users having a free account would not be able to access the Add-in's features.

By installing the Word Add-in, you agree to Trinka’s Terms and Conditions ( and acknowledge that you have read Trinka's Privacy Policy (

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