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Provides the capability to add scrolling tickers for Commodity Prices around the world

Our new SharePoint addin offers, the capability to add scrolling tickers for Commodity prices around the world.

Usage instructions:

  1. Edit the page, search for commodity add the webpart
  2. To change the indexes on display, edit the page and edit the webpart properties, Enter the index symbols separated by a Comma without spaces
  3. Save the page

Please use the below commodity symbols for reference

If you need a commodity symbol that you do not find below, please feel free to contact us here

KEUSXKC HRW Wheat Futures
B0USDMont Belvieu LDH Propane (OPIS)
ZBUSDU.S. Treasury Bond Futures
ZIUSDMicro Silver Futures
ZRUSDRough Rice Futures
KWUSXKC HRW Wheat Futures
GFUSXFeeder Cattle Futures
BOUSXSoybean Oil Futures
ZLUSXSoybean Oil Futures
RTYUSDE-mini Russell 2000 Index Futur
LEUSXLive Cattle Futures
ZFUSDFive-Year US Treasury Note Futu
ZSUSXSoybean Futures
BZUSDBrent Crude Oil Last Day Financ
LBUSDRandom Length Lumber Futures
CLUSDCrude Oil
ZMUSDSoybean Meal Futures
SUSXSoybean Futures
ZCUSXCorn Futures
ZTUSD2-Year T-Note Futures
YMUSDMini Dow Jones Indus.-$5
NGUSDNatural Gas
FCUSXFeeder Cattle Futures
LCUSXLive Cattle Futures
MGCUSDMicro Gold Futures
SILUSDMicro Silver Futures
ZOUSXOat Futures
NQUSDNasdaq 100
LHUSXLean Hogs Futures
RRUSDRough Rice Futures
ESUSDE-Mini S&P 500
OUSXOat Futures
SBUSXSugar #11
LBSUSDRandom Length Lumber Futures
CUSXCorn Futures
HOUSDHeating Oil
OJUSXOrange Juice
ZNUSD10-Year T-Note Futures
SMUSDSoybean Meal Futures
HEUSXLean Hogs Futures

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