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CMS software is designed to help construction companies manage their projects from start to finish.

SharePoint Empower has a Construction Management System (CMS) that is certified by Microsoft 365. This system ensures high levels of security and compliance with safety standards, making construction project management more efficient. The CMS platform is strong and helps improve the management and tracking of projects in organizations. It comes with various features and capabilities, making it perfect for businesses that want to use Microsoft SharePoint 365 and Teams Integration to boost their construction management. Our product also supports multiple languages, allowing users to use the interface in their preferred language for a global audience.

This platform makes it easy to start projects and allows for detailed daily work with photos. You can easily export reports, also visual documentation. The system is automatically saves project-related documents to OneDrive for a secure access. It covers things like planning, managing resources, storing documents, budgeting, and working together. This helps things run smoother and makes projects better in the end, improving overall project results.

There are some Key features of the Construction Management System:

  • Home Pathways.
  • In the home, there is material available on User Interfaces, providing information on elements such as dashboards that users can explore.

  • Add New Project.
  • we can adding new projects to the system.

  • Archive Projects.
  • Effortlessly find information about archived projects submitted by the user.

  • Contact Master
  • On your device, and also quickly find the details of the contacts you've already added. It's about making it easy to add and look up your friends' information without any hassle.

  • Project Details.
  • Find all the important information about the project, such as:

  • Project team
  • Documents
  • Photos
  • Drawings
  • Daily Logs (Manpower, Notes, Visitors, Inspections, Deliveries, Accidents, Work Orders, Change Orders)
  • Reports
  • Scheduled
  • Submittals
  • Project Tracker
  • Project Planner
  • There are some Benefits of Construction Management System:

    Project Planning and Scheduling:

    Create project timelines, assign tasks, and track progress effortlessly.

    Resource Management:

    Effectively manage resources such as labor and space required for the project.

    Document Management:

    Store and share project-related documents securely, including contracts, drawings, and specifications.

    Budgeting and Cost Tracking:

    Create and track project budgets, including expenses and payments.


    Facilitate seamless collaboration among team members, clients, and stakeholders.

    Experience the Power of Construction Management System (CMS):

    • Simplify how you manage projects.
    • Cut down mistakes and delays.
    • Improve the results of your projects

    This App Includes:

    • Support for SharePoint "Webpart" and "Full-page" web part components.
    • Additional purchase may be required.

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