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Understand the mean, median, and quartile distribution of your data.

Compare large data sets in a compact space. Box and Whisker Chart by MAQ Software enables you to compare the distribution of values across several sets of data. In addition to showing the median, first and third quartiles, and the maximum and minimum values, Box and Whisker Chart by MAQ Software displays the mean, standard deviation, and quartile deviation.

Business Uses:

  • Sales– Compare quarter over quarter sales across geographic regions or market demographics

  • Project Managers – Analyze work output after major process changes
  • Product Developers – Compare different processes to develop the same product at an improved speed, accuracy, or overall functionality

Key Features:

  • Clear display of both broad categories (such as financial quarter or geographic region) and the specific data sets within those categories (such as individual storefronts or products)
  • Horizontal and vertical view based on reporting requirements
  • Different shapes for mean icon and other data points (circle, square, rectangle)
  • Supports report tooltip

What's New in 4.0.0:

  • ​Added support for context menu

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