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A picture is worth a thousand words, why not use more images in your report?

A picture is worth a thousand words, why not use more images in your report? Have you ever tried to use product or colleague images instead of names as a filter in your Power BI reports? PictureThis offers url actions, background images and shapes to use pictures in your report. It requires a lot of work to get your images all prepped up to be used in your report the standard way and still it remains a static or low res exercise that thickens up the size of your report.

The “PictureThis” Power BI visual helps you create dynamic image tables that can be used as a filter in your report, all within your familiar Power BI environment: Governed and Secured!

Use Image url’s from your dataset that automatically create a responsive image table. The images will act as a filter on another target sheet in your report. Images are not stored in your report, they will dynamically be lined up in an image table based on your data and can be used as a filter! In the edit dialog box it is now very easy to style your Picture, decide where you want to display your data, with drag and drop and easily add columns or add a prefix or suffix to your data!


Do you have several data you want to present at your picture? Use flipped cards to put data on the back of the card or the tooltip to display those data!


Get started!

Learn more about the PictureThis visual here.

Learn how to quickly set it up with our Product Guide.



The free version of this visual is limited to 3 pictures extension to your report. To experience the fully functional extension, get your free trial in the store:

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