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Visualize work plans with the Stratada Timeline: timeline & baseline bars, milestone icons and text

See your portfolio, program and project work plans & roadmaps with the Stratada Timeline Gantt visual. Display elements including timeline bars, baseline bars, more than 40 milestone icons, and text, with data from one or multiple projects/programs/portfolios coming from one or multiple sources.

Here are some of the new capabilities in the Stratada Timeline V3 visual for Power BI:

  • Unlimited category levels
  • Categories can now display headers
  • Horizontal category grid can be displayed with many formatting options
  • Roll up parent categories at any level
  • Summary bars are optionally displayed
  • Milestones can be displayed on rolled-up summary bars

The Stratada Timeline can display data from OnePlan, Microsoft Project Online, Microsoft Project for the web, Microsoft Project for Operations, Microsoft DevOps, Jira, Smartsheet and more.

(note that screenshots below use the Stratada Timeline Pro version – which requires a subscription)

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