Inforiver Analytics+ (50+Charts+Cards+Tables)

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Microsoft PBI Certified
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IBCS, 50+Chart: Waterfall, Bullet, Box Plot, Marimekko, Funnel, Stacked, Clustered, Combo, Dual Axis

Inforiver Analytics+ is the fastest way to visualize your data and share insightful stories in Microsoft Power BI. The intuitive no-code user experience (UX) helps even the casual users build dashboards and storyboards in minutes with 50+ charts and tables integrated in a single visual.

Analytics+ is designed to help customers migrate their legacy dashboards from Tableau, Spotfire, Qlik, Cognos, SAP Lumira, or their static PowerPoint dashboards from Think-cell or Mekko Graphics and consolidate them within Microsoft Power BI.

View an interactive demo of Inforiver Analytics+ here

Why choose Inforiver Analytics+ as your migration companion to Power BI:

  1. Small Multiple & Trellis every chart and cards like Tableau and Spotfire
  2. "Visual PivotTable" for your Hierarchical data on all three axes (x,y,z) like Spotfire.
  3. Split and Group Measures into Trellis panels like Tableau
  4. Storytelling features like Think-cell and Mekko Graphics
    • Dynamic Deviations (CAGR),
    • Annotations,
    • Series connector lines,
    • Automatic series and categorical sorting.
  5. Integrated Table in small multiple and Trellis configuration with Excel-like toolbar formatting
  6. 50+ advanced visualization options including some of the most sought out and exclusive visualizations on Power BI like
    • 20+ Advanced Waterfall types - Measure based interim, stacked and dual breakdown waterfall, variance and combination waterfalls.
    • Box and whisker plot with support for dynamic and pre-calculated quartiles
    • Marimekko Chart (Variable Width column or Cascade chart) - stacking and 100% scales
    • Slope graph
    • Arrow chart, Dumbbell chart, Dot Plot, Range Plot
    • 12+ variations of bullet and integrated variance charts and more.
    • Dual-axis chart
  7. Most voted and unmet feature features requests from Power BI Idea place and various other BI platforms, such as:
    • Measure-driven data labels
    • 100% stacked bar with column totals
    • Stacked waterfall chart
    • Gradient line chart
    • Dynamic axis break
    • 1-click variance analysis
    • Flexible number formatting
    • Dynamically highlight variances between any two data points
    • Scale bands

Inforiver is certified by International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) and Microsoft Power BI Certified.

More visualizations like bubble & scatter plot, radar & polar chart, pie & donut chart, cluster lollipop, tornado chart, linear gauge, proportion plot and lot more chart types will be added to Analytics+ soon. You can check out our vision and roadmap here.

You can reach out to Inforiver Support team for any technical queries.

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