Elite & Aderant Client Ranking & Stages Templates

Wilson Legal Solutions, Inc.

Practice Management based client ranking and stages templates

Law Firms: Analyze Client Ranking and Stages in our FREE Power BI report. As the push for greater client development and engagement activities accelerates, business development teams at professional services firms are demanding self-service information. For firms looking to accelerate the development of client ranking reports from PMS data, these Power BI templates are ideal. CLIENT RANKING AND STAGES IS JUST THE BEGINNING BusDev and marketing teams at professional services firms are starving for information. Part of Wilson Allen’s open source approach to democratizing Power BI efforts, these FREE templates provide a launching point for critical client segmentation efforts and a critical bridge of access to financial information. Designed to be deployed easily, firms can jump start their information distribution efforts with business developers. Contact us for additional free templates around sentiment analysis, relationship strength and others. Features • Quickly gather and analyze client ranking information • Analyze client stage information in a nearly real-time refreshed Power BI dashboard • Know what’s happening around your business, including key trends • Contact us for the design files to extend the data model to include office/practice information, as well as CRM/Campaign/Feedback information • Native connectivity for Elite (Enterprise & 3E) and Aderant • For Power BI Desktop customers, we're happy to provide the templates in PBIX form Benefits • Increase awareness of client trends • Monitor key clients and the “acorns” the firm is counting on becoming key clients • Create a shared understanding of client segmentation across the firm Learn more
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