HORNG YU ELECTRIC-Cloud Power Management System

avtor: 宏于電機有限公司

Connect all your electricity devices to the Internet

"iPanel Cloud Management System" is the application that enables tradition power transmission devices online monitoring. We create a strong platform that you can integrate different components such as Power Meter, Relay, VCB/ACB, temp. monitoring devices etc.. The overall information allows users to get notification whenever abnormal figures happens. Users can get daily, monthly and yearly report based on data collection and Microsoft AZURE highly secured database center. We also offer local version for industry that has its own cyberspace.
With the AIOT functions, we are now offering functions of Breaker Temp. auto alarming function, transformer health status detection, substation overall management, contract capacity analysis. Users can get the result by our webpage browser or our iPanel APP with real time information. In practical, smart iPanel increases switchgear operation stability and reduces labor routinely cost. Our main goal is to offer the easiest way of safety monitoring to your system. 

**This application available in Chinese. 

“ iPanel雲端管理系統”可使傳統輸電設備於在線監控。我們建立一個強大的平台,可整合不同的組件,例如: 智能電錶、繼電器、VCB / ACB,溫度。監視設備等。總體信息允許用戶在發生異常數字時得到通知。用戶可以基於數據收集和Microsoft AZURE高度安全的數據庫中心獲取日、月和年報告。我們還為有私有內部網絡的行業提供在地版本。

通過 AIOT功能,我們現在提供斷路器溫度自動報警功能、變壓器健康狀態檢測、變電站整體管理、契約容量分析。

用戶可透過網頁瀏覽器或iPanel APP獲得即時訊息。智能iPanel可提高開關設備操作穩定性並減少例行性勞工成本,系統設計主要目標為為您的系統提供最簡單的安全監控。


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