MAT - Machine Analytics Tool

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Manage all aspects of the connected machine and increase the efficiency of after-sales activities

Industrial IoT

MAT enables machine builders from different industrial sectors to enter the world of servitization by turning the raw data generated by their connected machines into value.
With MAT it is possible to:

  • Monitor in real time the machine and its performance through fully customizable dashboards
  • Analyze the operational efficiency (OEE) and identify bottlenecks
  • Analyze the black box of all telemetry variables and history of critical events
  • Analyze the consumption of utilities such as energy and compressed air, as well as processed raw material
  • Manage maintenance activities and health status of all machine components, with the possibility of a predictive approach
  • Analyze the most important KPIs and compare them by aggregation factor: recipe, operator, product, material type, etc.
  • Provide your customers with machine documentation in digital format in the Cloud
  • Classify the behaviour of machine operators in order to know their preparation level
MAT is completely customizable, configurable and scalable even on very heterogeneous fleets of machines.
With MAT, every OEM can easily build their own Industrial IoT App and offer their customers a world-class service.

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features

  • Compatible with all types of machines and processes
  • An integrated solution to manage all the aspects of the connected machine: from maintenance to efficiency analysis
  • Fully customizable KPI calculation method
  • Enabling advanced after sales processes
  • Suitable for both OEM and end-customer employees
  • Customizable graphic skin, white label solution for OEM
  • Highly scalable, capable of handling thousands of connected machines around the world
  • The companion app for Azure IoT Edge is also available


  • Increase the after-sales department efficiency
  • Offer data-driven, value-added services
  • Know how your customers use the machines
  • Design better machines
  • Offer new digital services to your customers in SaaS mode

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