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Save time by sending, signing, and tracking documents – all from your favorite Microsoft apps.

As global trusted leaders of business solutions used by millions, Microsoft and Adobe are partnering to reimagine a modern, secure, and connected hybrid workplace. We are bringing the innovation of Acrobat Sign to Microsoft Cloud solutions to deliver unmatched e-signature experiences to customers around the world.

Get your documents signed faster than ever when you add Acrobat Sign to Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Word, Power Automate, SharePoint, and Dynamics 365. Create an agreement and send it for signature, automatically route to one or more people, sign documents yourself, and track signing status at every step - all right from within your Microsoft apps.

Minimize legal and compliance risks. Acrobat Sign solutions are globally compliant and legally binding in nearly every country in the world.

Acrobat Sign add-ins require a valid license of Acrobat Sign or Acrobat Pro.

To schedule a demo or consultation, please call us at 1-800-685-4192.

Key Features

  • Sign and send documents for signature – without ever leaving your favorite Microsoft apps.
  • Enable your recipients to sign on any device or browser – anytime, anywhere. No additional software download or accounts are needed.
  • Keep track of documents with real-time status at every step.
  • Get notified when documents have been signed or send reminders to prompt others to sign.
  • Use Power Automate to automatically save signed documents to your repository of record, such as SharePoint, and connect with other apps. Use with additional Acrobat Sign integrations for even more automated workflows.
  • Sign documents live in your Teams meetings with Live Sign, helping you to get agreements signed faster and provide personal support to your signers.

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