airfree marketplace

avtor: AIRFREE

Digital inflight shopping platform for connected Airlines

airfree reinvents inflight shopping by making airport duty-free products available in the air.
We provide airlines with a white-label marketplace. Passengers access a huge catalog of products on their own devices or IFE. They buy online while flying and collect upon arrival at their destination airport.
Our innovative technology is specific for inflight use. Users see a personalized offer built according to their itinerary and profile. Today there is no other solution with best-in-class navigation within an airplane. airfree employs a fraction (100 times less) of the typical bandwidth used by e-commerce sites.
We collaborate with the main IFEC suppliers worldwide. Our turnkey solution integrates with any connected airplane scenario.
Along with technology, airfree manages the procurement of the marketplace. We have agreements with the leading duty-free groups. Our partners cover +400 airports Worldwide and a catalog of more than 15.000 references.
To conclude, airfree offers airlines a novel way of improving passenger experience. And generating ancillary revenue in a modern, cost-effective, and simple manner.

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