Alstom Mastria - Digital Mobility

avtor: Alstom Transport

The Mobility Platform for Transport Authorities and Operators. Optimize operations, enable MaaS.

Mastria is a multimodal supervision solution, which, through predictive planned and automated data analysis, is able to generate quick and reliable reports, allowing operators to rapidly offer alternative mobility solutions to commuters. The solution works as a non-intrusive overlay to the existing transport systems of a city, including traffic supervision, SCADA, ticketing, security, but also police & fire department, buses and taxis. It provides higher automation in order to monitor, anticipate, take quicker and better decisions, and inform passengers correctly.

Also, traffic fluidity is optimised for all modes of transportation (buses, LRT, metros, taxis …). The information on the best routes, at any given time, is available for transport authorities which can then dispatch it to passengers. In case of technical failures, other incidents or special events, such as sporting events, bad weather, and public demonstrations, Mastria is able to anticipate the impact that the incident will have on the network. It also ensures that various operators collaborate in order to adapt the transport service accordingly and to offer alternative itineraries for passengers. The solution is flexible and designed to be scalable to different transport networks, from local transport modes to larger ones. It can be expanded to new lines and/or additional transportation modes.

Mastria’s benefits go way beyond the optimisation of the traffic and minimisation of commuting time, as it enables an increase in transport capacity. The solution is based on 4 main standard functions which are: multimodal supervision, traffic management, operations orchestration and predictive analytics. These functions are configurable and can be combined together, according to operators’ needs and to the transport network environment.

Mastria is hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud and benefits from the scalability and security provided by this environment. Mastria is the platform at the core of the Smart Transportation dimension within Microsoft Smart Cities strategy.

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