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Metaverse within Microsoft Teams. Discover 3D virtual events inside your usual webinars.

Aptero seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams to offer immersive 3D metaverse environments, elevating the dynamics of virtual meetings, trainings, and webinars. Say goodbye to monotonous webinars and embrace an interactive, 3D experience with Aptero! With 3D navigation, digital avatars, AI-enhanced interactions, and serious gaming elements, Aptero paves the way for cutting-edge virtual communication and collaboration.

Target Audience: Aptero is tailor-made for professionals seeking a more engaging and efficient virtual collaboration environment, educators aiming for captivating virtual learning experiences, enterprises wanting to enrich their virtual brand presence and customer engagement, and event organizers yearning for uniquely interactive virtual events.

Addressing Customer Needs: Aptero solves the prevailing challenge of dwindling engagement in standard video conferences by creating a captivating 3D environment. It fosters enhanced collaboration with shared virtual spaces and gaming elements. Furthermore, Aptero’s customizable rooms and digital avatars facilitate a personalized experience, fulfilling the craving for a human touch in virtual interactions. It serves as an innovative conduit for educators by delivering interactive learning spaces, and empowers businesses to stand out with immersive branding opportunities.

Key Features:

  • Immersive 3D Environments: Craft and explore detailed 3D spaces.
  • Digital Avatars: Craft your digital twin for a personalized interactive experience.
  • Serious Gaming: Enrich your meetings or events with engaging games.
  • Customizable Spaces: Mold your virtual spaces to your preference with the Room Editor.
  • AI-Enhanced Interactions: Infuse your spaces with AI-powered non-playable characters (NPCs) driven by ChatGPT.

Compatibility and Requirements:

  • Requires Microsoft Teams.
  • Suitable for users with an existing Microsoft Teams subscription.

Limitations and Conditions:

  • Optimal performance with stable internet connectivity.

For more information or queries, please reach out to our team at Embrace the endless possibilities of immersive 3D environments with Aptero and propel your virtual meetings, trainings, and events to unparalleled heights of interaction, engagement, and innovation.

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