Plug&Play AI Camera and Platform

avtor: Brainware DWC-LLC

Real time analytics dashboard empowers you with insights to run your offline business seamlessly

Harness the power of world-class Al powered offline analytics and automation for all industries, sizes and business needs with Pulses, a comprehensive hardware and software solution that transforms any offline premises into a fully automated highly productive space. This privacy-first real time insights’ solution comes to you through a plug and play camera that is 100% fully manageable, completely focused on safety and 30x as fast as any other provider. Pulses offers enterprises a fully automated user-friendly analytics dashboard to harness actionable insights into impactful business decisions.

What’s inside:

The Camera:

· 30X faster

· Safety Focused

· Detect faces up to 18

· meters far

· Wireless

· Fully Managed Service

· Weather resistance

· Works indoors & outdoor

· Free Automatic Hardware & Software Upgrades

· 24/7 Support

The Insights:

This real time analytics dashboard is Al powered and leverages machine learning to empower you and your team with real insights needed to run your offline business seamlessly and intelligently.

Run multiple apps according to business needs:

Anonymous Analytics App

See in depth how customers move around your business locations.

Discover how their behavior points you towards better business results.

Optimize every move without compromising customer privacy.

Concierge App

See areas of service personalization for your clientele

Discover how to turn every walk-in into a lifelong customer

Optimize real seamless VIP experiences.

Happiness Index App

See where you can draw on more customer satisfaction.

Discover how to make the most of each customer visit.

Optimize every visit into a happier once in a lifetime experience.

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