Carbon Jacked sustainable employee membership platform

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Educate + engage your employees on sustainability and take direct action on climate change

A Nature Positive membership platform that helps you engage and educate your employees on sustainability through tree planting, supporting projects that restore nature, and reducing their carbon footprint.

WHY – the urgent need for action

Every business has a sustainability strategy BUT you can’t deliver on these promises without your employees. Giving them Carbon Jacked memberships and access to our membership platform helps solve this problem.

WHAT – Carbon Jacked Memberships explained

Through our membership platform, direct climate action and creative content our memberships have something for everyone – each employee membership:

  • Grants access to the Carbon Jacked platform including carbon footprint calculator, a tailored assessment and recommendations for footprint reduction. Demo available.
  • Plants 10 trees a month
  • Funds incredible projects that tackle climate change in UK National Parks and internationally. See our projects over here.
  • Includes ongoing sustainability content that is highly engaging (e.g. videos, blogs, recommendations, events etc.). See an example for Sky Sport here and here.
  • Gives access to insights and discounts on sustainable brands. See DAME example here.
  • Improves wellbeing through greater connection with nature.
  • Provides education on climate change and sustainable development, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In other words, we’re not just an app that somebody will use once or twice and never again. We’re also not a carbon offsetting service that oversimplify things and that can lead to significant reputational risk. We’re the bees' knees.

Contact us to find out more about how it works.

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