AI Engine for email-based Customer Service

avtor: C Centric Solutions Pvt Ltd

Use Artificial Intelligence to streamline customer service processes

Email still remains one of the most widely used mediums for customer service. Most of us already have a Customer Service Management System / Helpdesk in place to handle these emails. Our service executives read the mail, categorize them, responds to them if they can, or seek resolution from the right teams. While this is a time-tested process of query resolution, a time has come now to explore whether we can do better. A manual process of service management suffers from the following flaws:

  • It requires human intervention. A person must read each mail, categorize them before the resolution can start.
  • Manual dependence results in pileup of queries over weekends, holidays and after office hours.
  • Response to simple requests, that could have been addressed immediately, gets delayed.
  • Manual review of emails reduces the productivity of the agents and results in financial loss.

With C Centric’s AI-based email management engine you can reduce (if not totally eliminate) these manual processes. The solution is designed using Microsoft AI framework, that will work with your CRM / Service management system.

Our AI solution is trained on your data set to identify patterns. Once trained, our AI engine, reads every mail received, uses the machine learning algorithm developed to understand the content, stamp the category on the email request and trigger other processes like assignment, auto-response, SLA definition etc. The AI engine can also suggest a probable response to the customer based on the training received. Our solution can also assess the customer mood based on the communication.

The AI responses have a confidence score, so that you can set a threshold of automation based on the confidence score.

Use our AI engine to

  • Boost the productivity of your service team. With the mundane and manual efforts being taken up by robots, the agents can concentrate on more critical responses and communication.
  • Reduce service cost and increase process efficiency
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with prompt and correct response to their queries

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