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Account Manager Bot is a smart chat bot that incorporate functionalities from SAP and Salesforce.

Account Manager Bot- SAP is considered to be the most important IT infrastructure that has helped to cope with all the changes. The system is robust and is considered as the backbone of the business. But this is also well known that SAP is not that much user friendly and feasible in terms of GUI, hence the concept of BOT leveraged with SAP. Account Manager Bot is a smart chat bot that incorporate functionalities from SAP and Salesforce. It is a handy application for managers to have a quick check on account receivables and invoices just by telling their clients’ name rather than going to SAP Logon and carrying out further steps. Key Value Points:- • Allows Fuzzy search i.e. gives various client names related with the keyword given to bot. • Can check details for • Opportunities created with its name, stage, closing date, amount and link given to that particular opportunity in Salesforce. • All Billing Documents (Invoices) created under that client with its description, invoice date, total amount and status mentioned. • All Account receivables created under that client with its description, posting date, account type and total amount mentioned. • Can create salesforce opportunity in bot itself and then can check on the given generated link for it. • Can check sales performance in graphics to analyze the ongoing operations. • Employees have to spend less time on SAP/Salesforce platform and can directly refer information from bot. Benefits:- • Enables instant services. • 24/7 available application. • Can show details for all functionalities at once. • Gives option to change client name in flow rather than starting all over again. • Helps to render a personalized experience • Capable of Self Evolving (self-learning).